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03 August 2010

Getting Ready

I think that there is a post from last year with the very same title.

I'm thrilled to be standing in my classroom right now, even though I do not have to be here for another two weeks.  At the beginning of a summer holiday, I feel like I could be on holiday forever - but as the weeks go by, I start itching to get back to the classroom.

So as I stand here with access to last year's photos, looking over a classroom that is once again a blank slate, ready for a group of children and a classroom community.  Five of my students from last year continue on with me this year as they turn four, and we welcome new three- and four-year-olds. 

I'll be taking one last little vacation, to Sweden, before returning to the classroom on August 16th for a week of professional development (on guided inquiry) before welcoming the children.  I can't wait.


  1. There's nothing like that feeling, is there? I'm really enjoying my summer program, but think I'm going to miss the moment you've described.

  2. I try to see my life between work and holiday with the words of gregory bateson - "a difference that matters"; not as good vs. bad. Do you know the Reggio-book "children art,artist". an art-project exploring whiteness as an matter (not black vs. white), is to me a good example on how the underlying system-theory makes a difference on how the project-thinking in Reggio evolves. it is differences that makes life worth living (does this makes sense?) Going by car? feel free to make a visit in my danish preschool.

  3. love that time of year, getting ready, clearing the decks .. and love those students who return to help you mentor the new ones! :)


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