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17 June 2010

knitting needle letters

I saw this picture last week, and it made me think about how children learn - and the meaningful experiences children can have on the road to learning these academic tasks.  Earlier in the week, in the forest, one of the girls made her name with sticks.  We're not a class to trace letters or do worksheets, but letters are all around us all of the time and the children take a natural interest in text and print.  Once they discover that symbols convey a meaning, excitement follows.  I love seeing it, and I love this photo because of that.  I'll be sure to share our stick letters tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous18.6.10

    so glad our knitting needle fun inspired, allie! i look forward to seeing your letters from the forest (which is really a great place to learn so much)!

  2. We too are a school where letters are all around and we try to pay attention to that moment when children are discovery letters as symbols. Unfortunately we receive much pressure to put those letters under a child's nose earlier and earlier. I think when we can share evidence such as this picture, it helps others to see that discovery learning can include making meaning with letters.

  3. Our children love making letters on those little peg boards but I'd never thought to provide sticks ... why haven't I thought of that?! I will gather some up A.S.A.P. They'll love it - thanks
    Donna :) :)

  4. I think of letters and numbers as something that will emerge when they are ready -- they always do.


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