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27 March 2010

Making Music Online

Late last spring, I introduced this Lullatone Raindrop Melody Maker into the classroom.  Some of the children found it interesting and tinkered around on it, but I never got the chance to bring it back in. 

Now I'm thinking about visiting it with this year's class, and perhaps this, the week before our spring break, is the right week to do some creative music making.

This site, Tone Matrix, is more controllable - you can make loops, but you can decide if you want the tones to be higher or lower, you can make chords or seems like it could be really interesting work for those children who are always at the piano with the headphones on, playing their three note compositions over and over again.  I think we would also be able to record the compositions using Audacity, a free recording program that we have installed on the computer.
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