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13 March 2010

And Then a Huge, Huge Giant Grabbed Me!

In the most recent issue of Early Childhood Research and Practice, there is an interesting paper about aggression in children's stories.  It is a good read - and it has me thinking about the stories my students are telling.  About one-third of the stories collected for this study contained aggressive elements.

You can read the paper here.

Much of the dramatic play in our classroom (which goes on with a large group of children for the majority of the day, both indoors and out) includes charcters who die - often princesses - but I think that is as close to "aggression" in narratives as this group gets.  But I am interested in observing more closely.  The paper talks about the action verbs that describe aggressive acts that are about harming characters - hitting, eating, fighting, etc.  I've definitely heard those, especially in the written and dictated stories over the dramatic play.
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