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29 January 2010

Peter and the Wolf

Our unit of inquiry is on the five senses, and this has been our week about sound.  The children have played instruments in dramatic play; created their own intstruments out of recycled materials; and experimented with playing jars of water to learn about how to change the tones.

Also, each day, we have listened to a few minutes of Peter and the Wolf.  Right now, it is rest time on Friday, and we are listening to the full story for the second day.  We also have a listening center with the story on headphones, with a few versions of the book available for the children to look at.

Everyone is listening: some laying and listening, some conducting, some making arm movements like the animals that each instrument represents.  And others are humming along with each character's theme.

In the past, I have used this story along with shadow theatre: the story played on a radio while the children chose parts to play, and they created the story with their bodies as shadows behind a large sheet with a bright light.  I'm not sure if this group would be as interested in that work, but it may be worth a try.

Next week, we talk about touch, so we will have a week full of great sensory experiences!

(By the way, we are of course listening to the David Bowie version of Peter and the Wolf!)


  1. Anonymous29.1.10

    Allie, as you might know, I love reading your blog. Can you let me know how to contact you? I would like to know what school you are at as I am currently looking at schools for possible visits!
    Thanks a lot! Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica, you can contact me at We are always open to visits!

  3. Hi Allie,

    You know....tape makes a really good sensory experience...

  4. Am I being challenged???

  5. Hi Allie,
    I really like your work with young children. Can you contact me here?


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