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28 January 2010

Infant Classrooms

I'm still thinking about what infant classrooms might look like, and what might happen there.  I have some inspiration from Reggio in my head, but I have a craving for more information.

I have been looking over at Leaves & Branches, Trunk & Roots, from the Alderwood House School in British Columbia.  Their infant teachers are writing about routines and behaviors and what it might look and sound like in the class, and I'm loving it.  I like the recent episode of posessiveness expressed here.  So much drama!

I'll also share a  photo that I should not have taken in Reggio Emilia.  I also purchased the CD of images from the centers and ReMida, but I managed to grab a few of my own photos.

This setting made me think a lot about what materials very young children use as they learn, how their routines fir in their day, and what an infant teacher's priority is when it comes to working with children as a group.
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