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24 December 2009

Changes for the New Year

During school breaks, I am always making grand plans for the return.  A larger construction area, some new classroom jobs, a week of letting the children create a sorting system for our beloved recycled lists are always massive.  We have a really long break this year - we don't return to school until January 11th - so I just might be organized enough to prepare  a few of these things.

Classroom rearrangements are on my mind this year.  There isn't anything wrong with our setup, but some simple changes wouldn't hurt.  I am thinking about a storytelling table (inspired by Turtlewings), and I am also thinking about this photo I saw over here.  A meeting place in the center of the room, rather than in the corner, that our day centers around.  It is the idea of the Italian piazza, where the community meets to eat, talk, and watch.

I could go on for a very long time about this, and walk you through my rambling thoughts, but I should probably leave it at this.  Do you have any thoughts for the new year in your classroom, school, or home?

Happy Holidays!
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