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12 November 2009

Bakers and Astronauts Flickr Pool

Photos are a wonderful way to share about a learning environment. I take more photos than I use in the classroom. For the past 2 weeks, I have been fawning over the photographs that I purchased in Reggio Emilia (because I was so well behaved and I didn't take any!) as if they were photographs of my family.

A learning environment says so much about the educational process and philosophy of a place. The materials that you choose; the way children can move about the space; the things children are inspired to do; and how children and adults interact with the environment.

About a year ago, I started a Flickr Group to link with the content here on the blog. I have really been blown away by the wonderful writing an documentation people have been sharing on their own blogs; and perhaps we can share some photogaphs and discussion together. It's quick and easy to get a flickr membership if you don't have one come over and add some photos to the pool!

Bakers and Astronauts. Get yours at
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