Google+ bakers and astronauts: New School Year's Resolutions

19 August 2009

New School Year's Resolutions

I am so glad to be in my classroom, getting ready for the start of the school year! I have a class list, and the children begin next Wednesday.

Getting back into my school routine includes reading -- and I've spent some time looking at blogs this week. I'm enjoying my regular favorites and discovering some wonderful new ones! I hope more and more early childhood educators document their teaching by sharing with a blog. There really seems to be a growing online community of educators ready and willing to share, contribute, and collaborate.

That said, I was thinking about my resolutions for the new school year, and getting them ready to share them here. But since this is a community, I want to know the resolutions of other teachers, too! So how about sharing them together?

Brainstorm and jot and think and wonder and reflect and look forward over the course of the next week. Then, next Friday, share your new school year's resolutions -- either in the comments here, or on your own blog. If you are directing a staff, perhaps you want to encourage them to do this, too. And a resolution can really be anything you dream up - from keeping the markers fresher to taking a workshop to cooking more with your students.

Let me know what you think today, and get ready for next Friday! I hope you participate.
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