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08 July 2009

The Red Balloon

It is summer in the Northern Hemishpere, so you should be outside. But perhaps later this evening, you want to open some windows and let the breeze flow in while you watch a good movie. Nothing too long...maybe something that you can watch and still have time to go get some fireflies in the yard later. I have just the thing.

The Red Balloon is an award winning film from 1956 written and directed by Albert Lamorisse, starring his son Pascal Lamorisse. I have loved this movie since I was young, and I was happy to share it with my class this past school year. They had wonderful things to say about it which are shared below.

Enjoy today, and come back tomorrow for some more (contemporary) sharing about the film.

Ma : I thought that the balloon ran out of air and the boy stamp it with his feet.
Am : I like the way that he took all of the balloons and flew away.
Pe : You know why all the balloons was flying away? Because the red balloon give all his magic to the other balloons.
Na : I like when it ended, when he flew into the air!
Ro : It was like Disneyland, it was magic, it was beautiful!
Jo : I liked the end
Al : How will he get down ?
Ca : I can answer that question. He will take one by one away until he gets down.
Ly : He can stay in the air for lots of days, and then he’ll come back down.

And a lovely interview with Pascal Lamorisse on the 2007 restoration of the film is here.
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