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15 July 2009

Let's Dish.

Have any of you had a teaching job you just couldn't stand? You want to keep in it for the kids, but something doesn't fit -- curriculum, co-workers, community...

We had a visitor in May from another international school. She was coming to observe our classrooms, learn about our philosophies and curriculum, and ask questions. The preschool team had lunch with her, chatted about standards and benchmarks, how to teach literacy, and about oral language development. She was really interested in what we had to share, but after a bit, I noticed that she kept referring to her "colleague". And she did not sound very positive when she said the word.

She seemed frustrated with her job because of her colleague. She said that her colleague brought a complete Montessori curriculum in at the start of the year, but they are not a Montessori program. Her colleague is a tracing letters kind of person and she is more of a learn through experimentation person... and although the school is (like mine) for preschool through high school, not much attention is paid to the youngest students.

She got me thinking about my previous jobs. I know I have learned more from being with children that I did from university courses -- you learn to teach by teaching. I have not been thrilled with all of my jobs -- in fact, this is the first time I will be staying at a school for more than one year. I have had my differences from co-workers, but nothing communication couldn't get us through. I've struggled more with curriculums that are not child-centered. And I feel like I am at the right school for me, for right now.

Teaching is supposed to be all about the kids, but adults have their fair share of drama, don't they?

So, have you had a "bad" teaching experience?
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