Google+ bakers and astronauts: ABC Open House

29 June 2009

ABC Open House

I finally picked up my film from the ABC Brussels Open House that took place at the beginning of June. I had been looking forward to seeing this space for months, since learning that this place existed!

I walked around and watched adults and children enjoying themselves, immersing themselves in materials and sensory experiences and books and paint and blocks and homemade soup. I was blown away by the space, by the planning that must be involved, and by how the adults were enjoying themselves as much as the children. I would LOVE to be in those planning meetings.

I am in love with this place. I observed and interacted, and wrote and wrote and wrote about what was inspiring me. It was really beautiful to see! Perhaps I'll share more photos and words on another day when I'm looking for inspiration.

I'm off to China tomorrow...and luckily my travel plans include a visit to Alderwood House School in British Columbia when we get to that side of the ocean...I'm so excited!

Happy summer to all!
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