Google+ bakers and astronauts: Natural Play Dough

13 May 2009

Natural Play Dough

It's all the rage. I found this recipe over on this blog and it's just perfect. Scenting the play dough is so nice -- the children recognized the lemon smell of my first batch immediately. (I used lemon there were a few little pieces of lemon skin in there as well.)

The natural coloring is wonderful, too -- I used turmeric for this batch. I was a little scared that is was going to dye our hands yellow temporarily but cooking it does the trick.

And the options are endless! We made chocolate play dough -- the cocoa powder scented and colored it. I'm thinking about going on a walk through the forest and having the children find things that might color our play dough and make it smell great. Grass? Flower petals? Who knows.
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