Google+ bakers and astronauts: Documentation and Parents 2

13 March 2009

Documentation and Parents 2

Day two of parent teacher conferences. I do not have any amazing quotes from the day (yet...there are still three conferences to go...). Unless you count the parents that insist that their daughter must have learned the phrase "you silly old goose" from me. How else can they explain that she says it 15 times a day?

I have noticed parents looking at the documentation, which I am glad for. Not everyone, or course, but some. I like to put a book of information for them to look through -- it makes it a little more interactive. Inside of the "What are we making?" book that is in the second photo are my notes from my one on one meetings with the kids to plan what they would make out of fabric.

The rest of the photos and words are the progession of getting interested in sewing and textiles to the evolution of what we sewed and the current progress of our sewing projects. I also showed each parent their child's work in progress during their conference.

Some look and some do not. Is there too much text? I think I should be including more of the children's words - recorded conversations transcribed for the parents to read. I also have to remember that I have a population of parents who are not fluent in English, so perhaps there should be more photos and work from the children.

I also like the idea of including children in the documentation process. Shouldn't it be for them, too?
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