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18 November 2008

What do we know?

On Tuesday we answered the question: what do we know about bats and birds, and how are they alike and different?

We used a venn diagram to chart the information.

  • Sleep during the day
  • Come out at night
  • Live in bat houses
  • When they sleep, they close their wings
  • They sleep upside down
  • They hang on branches
  • They eat fruit and bugs
  • They use sound because they can't see.
  • Owls come out at night
  • Live in birdhouses
  • Owls eat mice
  • Birds eat worms
Things that are alike:

  • They fly with their wings open
  • They have a little door on their house
  • They live in the forest
There is information that is not always true; and that is all going to be part of our future investigations in finding out more about these creatures that live in the forest. In the forest property owned by the school, people put up birdhouses a few years back. An outdoor education teacher walked with us in the forest last week, and there are few, if any, that are used by birds. As nice as the thought is, if they are in a true forest, they will nest naturally. The bat houses, however, are used. These bats are endangered in Brussels, and it is a move to protect them.

One of the most interesting items (to me) was one girl showing the difference in birds and bats when their wings are down. She said, "bats go like this", and she wrapped her arms around the front of her body; and then she said, "and birds go like this", and she put her arms straight down at her sides.

Yes. This is working.
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