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10 November 2008

Early Childhood Research and Practice

I make regular visits to the Early Childhood Research & Practice website, waiting for new volumes. They only publish twice yearly, so it was a big treat to see that the Fall 2008 issue had emerged.

I am not sure why, but I have not mentioned that there was a day in September when eleven out of the twenty children in my classroom were in the dramatic play area. One corner of the room was transformed into a buzz of action that included princesses, babies, daddies, puppies, superheroes, and big sisters. I have never had a class that was so attracted to dramatic play! Even now, each day, the area is being used. It is full of open-ended materials that I am always reconsidering.

The new volume of ECRP has three articles on supporting dramatic play, including one on puppets in a special education classroom, and one about a child-based transformation of a dramatic play area into a zoo. Although the programs mentioned differ quite a bit from my own, I think there are some good points and ideas for pretend play.
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