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01 October 2008

Wellies and clothes

More fantastic wellie action for your viewing pleasure...

The weather has been on the bad side this week, but we are still going outdoors to explore. We are really settling into the classroom and are becoming more comfortable with the community and the routines, and I think soon, we'll be ready to embark on a project.

After a few weeks of observations, I think a project on clothes could be really interesting for the children, and it could go in so many directions. The students are always talking about what they are wearing, what they have at home, and dressing in scarves in dramatic play to emulate other outfits, such as dresses, skirts, capes, and napkins. The school also requires them to have four different kinds of shoes at school, and that leads into its own study by itself.

We have our fall break in just three weeks, and when we return, I hope to have gathered enough initial data to launch into a project in November, as we begin to layer up.

It was interesting to read the Judy Harris Helm article I mentioned here and relate it to my new teaching post. I feel like I'm spending time getting to know they children's interests, as well as the who's and the why's of different children's interests. I think that helps immensely -- what is a fleeting whim, and what is a dissectable interest? What matters to these children's everyday lives that I can support them in learning more about?

I'm very excited about this.

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