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29 July 2008

I just started using this space, but I'm already neglecting it. I mentioned before that we are moving to Belgium; we are at the Oregon coast for a week, en route to our new home. I plan to be much more active in the month of August, when I start my new job and get all silly and excited and nerdy about preschool!

Towards the end of the summer, we used an outdoor paint that I mixed up to "paint" the outdoor walls of the preschool. The kids loved using the bold colors, and talked about practicing to be "real painters" when they grow up.

The program was only a three hour morning preschool, and I think there were restrictions with that short amount of time. Also, children were signed up for weeks that worked for their family's schedule, so they came and went throughout the summer. As much as I understood the children's interests, it was hard to support them with so many gaps in time. I am looking forward to a longer day and a consistent group of students in this coming year; it will really give us the opportunity to dig deeper, reflect, and explore.


  1. yes! you have a blog!

  2. Anonymous3.8.08

    allison! this sounds so like you so i'm just going to assume it is. hi! i was listening to kexp online and looking through their blog (relishing the rare free internet connection here in croatia and feeling a bit homesick) when i ran across your name on one of the pictures and thought- hey, where is allison? but i couldn't find an email for you. so if this is you, email me at, i'd love to hear more about what and how you are doing. love, jill


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